Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

Computer vision has seen great success during last few years, mainly due to advances in deep learning. Applications like unlock of phone and house doors using face recognition, and classification of pictures in smartphone's gallery app are all direct consequences of application of deep learning in computer vision. To be ... read more

Towards meta-modeling of workload performance in public clouds

Dr. Rizz Predicting the workload behavior sets the expectations for execution time and cost [1]. In particular, this enables more reliable guarantees towards service level agreements (SLA) prior to any workload execution [2]. Knowing the workload behavior a priori is also very useful for many administrative tasks such as capacity planning, admission ... read more

Machine Learning versus Human-level Performance

Why do we compare machine learning algorithm with human-level performance? There are two reasons for that: 1) machine learning algorithms have become much more efficient due availability of data and computational power, 2) machine learning workflows have led to machine learning algorithms which are competitive with human-level performance. In most machine learning ... read more

Machine Learning Strategy

In modern big era, machine learning strategy plays significant role in ultimate fate of a machine learning project. Let's say we have trained a classifier with 90% accuracy on test examples. But that accuracy is not be good enough for the application. To improve classifier’s accuracy, we can try a ra... read more

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