For any organization, training is one of key compoenents of a data science strategy. In addition to onboarding new resources, you would need to train your existing employees who have got years of precious domain knowledge.

Need Help With Data Science or Machine Learning?

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Our data scientists and machine learning engineers have spent years in academia and have been teaching there before switching to industry. They exactly know technological and skill gaps in industry and how to properly teach concepts and mentor people at levels in industry.

  • Data transformation
  • Data Visualizations
  • Model Building
  • Practical Statistics
  • Python/R/SAS
  • Regression Modeling

We are a small team of PhD data scientists and machine learning engineers. Since the turn-of-the-century we have been successfuly working with our clients in different areas of industry such as healthcare, banking, finance, telecommunication, real estate, retail etc.

Our training is always focused on practical data science and machine learning. Though we also teach theory but the main emphasis is on hands-on training. Duration of training really depends on your situation. We have both short term (8-10 hours) as well intensive (40-60 hours) training programs.

We invite you to contact us so that we can discuss your data science training needs so that we can come up with perfect solution for you.

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