Resources to Learn Python - The Most Demanding Data Science Skill

Data science jobs are expected to grow by 28% over next 2 years. Data science is an interdisciplinary field at intersection of statistics, mathematics and engineering. Data science has recently played phenomenal role by transforming business process and consequently consequently contributed towards growth and efficiency. This has become possible of following factors:

  • availability of user and application data,
  • cheaper data storage (onprem and cloud),
  • fast and affordable computing power, and
  • availability of big data technology and tools - Python is one of them.

We are just living at beginning of data driven AI era which a long way to go. Data science and AI producers (organizations, academics especially students) must adapt to data science development stack. In this stack, Python (programming language) is perhaps the most effective and demanding skills.

Most business are employing their resources to acquire internal and external data so that they can extract advanced analytics for business value. Python is one of most used language for data tasks such data acquisition, preprocessing, exploratory analysis and modeling.

Python is a very intuitive and easy to learn programming language. Data scientists are using it massively across all industries. Therefore python programming is key requirement of data science job regardless where it is a beginner or experienced level job. Without knowledge of Python, it is very unlikely to get hired for data science role.

Here are a list of some freely available resource to learn Python programming language;

Python For Kids:

You can download slides of 3 weeks course, delivered by Datalya with help of Dr Nasir.
Download Free Learning Material

Python for Beginners:

Very good tutorial - also answers some of most asked questions:

Google's Python class

Another very good Python tutorial

Covers both basic and adavnced stuff:

Tutorial on Numpy arrays:

Basics of Pandas Data Frames:

R and Python content:

Experienced Python Developers:

focuses on important data science and machine learning libraries:

Some very good data analysis and visualization hacks:

Python dictionary:

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Answers to most asked Python questions:

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