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Why Python For Kids?

Python is the second most used programming language in the world. Globally, programmers are in very high demand and in future this demand is going to increase, especially for data science and machine learning development, because of following factors:

  • Cheap computing power and storage
  • Data generation due to vast digitization
  • AI driven economies

Python is the programming language of data science and machine learning. Any AI organization would need Python programmers to develop AI applications. Soon governments will be making programming a mandatory subject in schools. The new curriculums and degree programs will also be involving intensive computer programming.

Parent-Kid Pair Programming by Datalya

With that in mind, in summer 2019, Datalya delivered a 3 weeks course, Python for Kids, with help of Nasir Mahmood, PhD and senior data science. In our class, we had students who were studying in grades 3, 4 and 5 (ages 8 to 11 years). Nasir came up with idea of parent-kid pair programming, as kids in lower grades would need help with implementation of instructions and practice. It was rather a hands-on training course, where students would be explained concept and then asked to do practice on computer by writing Python code. At the end, both parents and instructor were pleasantly surprised and happy that kids had quickly picked up the core concepts of Python programming.

Download Free Learning Material

You can download slides from above link. It consists of 3 weeks content as listed below:

Week 1:

  • Installing Python
  • First Turtle Program
  • Number Variables
  • String Variables
  • Lists

Week 2:

  • Python Dictionary
  • For Loop
  • if-else Statements

Week 3:

  • What is Jupyter Notebook and How to use it?
  • Pandas dataframes
  • Visualization with Seaborn package

We want to thank Nasir Mahmood for preparation of learning material, and on website letting us to share with interested parents, teachers and kids.

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