Exploring the AI Consulting Ecosystem in Toronto: Key Players and Services


Toronto is rapidly emerging as a global hub for artificial intelligence and machine learning, attracting top talent and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of AI consulting firms. These firms offer a wide range of services, from AI strategy development to implementation and support, helping businesses across various industries harness the power of AI to drive innovation and growth. In this blog post, we will explore the AI consulting ecosystem in Toronto, highlighting some of the key players and the services they offer.

1. Element AI

Element AI, founded in 2016 by AI pioneers, including Yoshua Bengio, is a leading AI consulting firm with a strong presence in Toronto. They provide end-to-end AI services, including AI strategy development, data engineering, model development, and deployment. Element AI partners with businesses to help them unlock the potential of AI and navigate the complex landscape of machine learning and deep learning technologies.

2. Layer 6 AI

Layer 6 AI, acquired by TD Bank Group in 2018, is a Toronto-based AI consulting firm specializing in deep learning and reinforcement learning. They work with clients across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail, to develop and implement AI-powered solutions. Layer 6 AI's expertise in advanced machine learning techniques allows them to create cutting-edge solutions that drive business value.

3. Dessa

Dessa, formerly known as DeepLearni.ng, is a Toronto-based AI consulting firm that focuses on developing enterprise-grade AI solutions. They offer a range of services, including AI strategy, data engineering, and AI model development, helping businesses leverage AI to streamline operations and drive growth. Dessa's team of experts works closely with clients to identify opportunities for AI implementation and develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

4. Rubikloud

Rubikloud, founded in 2013, is a Toronto-based AI consulting firm that specializes in providing AI-driven solutions for the retail industry. Their services include AI strategy development, data engineering, and AI model development and deployment. Rubikloud's solutions help retailers optimize their pricing, promotions, and supply chain operations by leveraging advanced machine learning and data analytics techniques.

5. Integrate.ai

Integrate.ai is a Toronto-based AI consulting firm that focuses on helping businesses create personalized and engaging customer experiences using AI. They offer services such as AI strategy development, data engineering, and AI model development to clients in industries such as finance, telecommunications, and media. Integrate.ai's solutions enable businesses to better understand their customers and deliver more personalized, relevant experiences across various touchpoints.


Toronto's AI consulting ecosystem is thriving, with numerous firms offering a wide range of services to help businesses harness the power of AI. By partnering with an AI consulting firm in Toronto, businesses can gain access to cutting-edge expertise, industry insights, and tailored solutions that drive innovation and growth. Whether you are looking to develop an AI strategy or implement advanced machine learning solutions, Toronto's AI consulting ecosystem has the resources and talent to help you achieve your goals.

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