Dan Gets Laid Off, Oscar Quits (4/5)

Previous: Oscar, The Data Science Consultant [3/5] Among all team members, Oscar and Dan would be the most impacted by the outcome of the ongoing data science project. Oscar, the data scientist, does not have years of data science and machine learning experience. This is his second data science project at ... read more

Oscar, The Data Science Consultant (3/5)

Previous: Dan's Hunt for Data Science Consultant [2/5] Oscar starts his new data science job immediately. He has one week’s overlap with Ryan. On the very first day, as Oscar logs into his company laptop, he sees a recurring meeting invite from Ryan. The first meeting is on the same da... read more

Dan's Hunt for Data Science Consultant (2/5)

Previous: Urgent: Need to Talk [1/5] Dan immediately reaches out to the talent resourcing agency. Within a few hours, the agency puts forward the resumes of two available data scientists. One of the two shortlisted candidates is Oscar, with 2 years of experience at a prestigious consulting company. Oscar is very friendly, ... read more

Urgent: Need to Talk (1/5)

It’s Monday morning, and Dan receives an urgent meeting invite from his machine learning lead, Ryan, with the subject “Urgent: Need to Talk”. Dan is a data and analytics lead at a prominent organization in North America. He is in charge of a profile project, the transformation of a rule-b... read more

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