The Averages - A Data Scientist Must Know About

In data science, we often spend considerable amount of time to measure and understand central tendency of data. Consequently these metrics help us to build meaningful simple to advance analytics for business. There are quite a few different types of averages which may be employed to perform this task. In ... read more

3 Key Responsibilities of Data Science Manager

With rise of data science, machine learning and AI, we are seeing creation of new roles in the industry and data science manager is one of those important roles. Since data science is still a vague term so far, the role of data science manager is not clearly defined. This ... read more

Data Science 101: simplest possible hands-on example?

Dr. Rizz I have been thinking about writing up a simplest possible data science example that people can play with, and it gives a taste of predicting something useful. In today’s hot real estate market, I choose the example of freely and openly available Boston Housing dataset available at UC... read more

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