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Datalya is a global machine learning company specialized in solution architecture, ML model development and deployment in production environment. We provide artificial intelligence and data science services to enhance business processes in banking, insurance, retail, telecom, environment and accounting.

For over ten years, we have been providing trustworthy machine learning solutions. We have put together a team of best data scientists. They bring many years of data science experience working with organizations of all sizes.

we provide end-to-end data science services. In the first phase, we help our clients with ideation, strategy, and proof of concept (POC). Second phase engagement is about machine learning model building, testing, and validation. In the third phase, our machine learning engineers get engaged for model deployment.

We strive for client's accelerated growth by employing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Customer Segmentation

We help businesses to build customer segmentation models to group them along different dimensions, enabling targeted marketing, maximize cross- and up-selling, improve customer service & much more.

Customer Churn Analysis & Modeling

Not only can we analyze different satisfaction levels of your customers, but also build a predictive model to predict customers who might be canceling the service or subscription in near-future.

Price Optimization

We help businesses with price optimization models to maximize business revenue by factoring in demand, special events, competitor's prices, stock, expiry dates, seasonality, and other related aspects.

Anomaly Detection

For business, we can build your state-of-the-art anomaly detection model, which would monitor a real-time stream of business events such as clicks, pageviews, service access, etc. You will be able to learn about spike or outage in real-time, saving hundreds of dashboarding work-hours to track events.

Recommender Systems

If your business has got a wide range of services, cases, or products, we can build you a recommender system which would help your customers to pick appropriate service or product. Such systems allow businesses to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics

We apply data mining, statistical, and machine learning techniques to learn trends from historical business data and make predictions about future events. Such predictive analytics help businesses to make informed decisions in terms of marketing, sales, customer service, and much more.

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