What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and deals with how to make computers learn (model of relationships, reasoning and analogies) from experience so that computers can act in a smarter way without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is an interdisciplinary field which borrows techniques and methods from ... read more

Object Detection with Sliding Window Algorithm

Object detection using sliding window has existed before recent rise of machine learning in computer vision. Like any machine learning algorithm, first requirement of sliding window algorithm is to prepare labeled training set. Imagine we want to build a car detection algorithm using sliding window. Our training images (X) will ... read more

What is Landmark Detection in Computer Vision?

In image classification with localization, we train neural network to detect object and then localize by predicting coordinates of bounding box around it. Given input images, the output of such an algorithm would be a) probability of finding object, and b) if object exists, coordinates of bounding box ($b_{x}$, $... read more

Image Classification with Localization

In image classification, we feed input image to a convolutional neural network and it gives back a feature vector (fully connected layer). The feature vector is then injected to softmax layer to get prediction of a class. Let's say we are building an image classifier for self-driving car application with ... read more

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