About Us

The New Approach to innovation. business intelligence. data science.

Statistical Aanalysis

Convert raw data in tidy format and extract insightful statistics for better informed decision-making.

Predictive Modeling

Using historical data to uncover and learn underlying patter, and making reliable forecast or predictions about future events.

Applied Regression Models

We use conceptually simple to complex regression models estimate relationships between predictor and response variables.

Exploratory Analysis

Key characteristics of data by employing advanced statistical and data visualization techniques for better understanding of data.

Big Data

Analyzing large and complex data sets by employing state-of-the-data big data methods.

Machine Learning

Make computers learn patterns by looking at historical data, and tell us about outcome of unseen input variables.

Who We Are

Creativity and innovation are cornerstones of our success for any project. We closely work with our clients to provide them with out of the box solutions. At DataLya, we have track record of providing quick and effective data science solutions, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Statistical Learning
Machine Learning
Recommender Systems